Pico Technology - 1st Name in USB Test Equipment

 Pico Technology - 1st Name in USB Test Equipment

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Pico Technology has built a name for its line of PicoScopes and many other USB based test equipment.

Pico Technology was established in 1991 and soon became a leader in the field of PC Oscilloscopes and data loggers.

Pico has always been recognized for providing innovative, cost-effective alternatives to traditional test equipment and data acquisition products. In doing so, they have made high-quality instrumentation affordable.

Pico Technology products

Pico Technology has developed a number of different lines of product, but all are based around the concept of USB connectivity, allowing the costs and sizes of the units to be reduced whilst maintaining the capabilities and performance.

  • PicoScope: The PicoScope series of products has been particularly successful. Pico Technology have a wide range of PicoScopes that can fit a wide range of requirements and budgets. Starting at the low end with 10 MHz bandwidth 2 channels scopes they rise up to very high end scopes with four channels and more. Right at the top end of the market they have a specialist sampling oscilloscope, again USB controlled.

    In a new innovation, some PicoScopes have a variable resolution to enable the optimum performance to be obtained in terms of sample rate and resolution.

  • PicoLog: The PicoLog range of products provides a range of data loggers. With many processes and industries requiring monitoring of their processes, data loggers are needed to acquire the data. Being connected to a computer via a USB port enables the data to be collected easily and then processed within the computer.
  • PicoSource: The PicoSource range of products provides a series of picosecond pulse generators that can be used in a variety of applications. Typical applications for the PicoSource pulse generators includes: TDR/TDT network and match analysis; spectral and flatness measurements; and timing, jitter and crosstalk determinations.
  • Vector Network Analyzer: Vector Network Analyzers provide an essential tool for RF designers to look at the response of RF networks. These tools provide measurements of the reflected and non-reflected elements of a signal passing through a network. This enables the designer to look at the true performance of the network and optimise it for the application needed, ensuring that the whole circuit operates as required.
  • Accessories - probes etc: To accompany their other products, Pico Technology provides a comprehensive range of probes: passive and active oscilloscope probes, current probes, sensors including thermocouples and accelerometers, RF and microwave probes and a host of other interfaces and connectors.

Watch the video: Pico Technology: Celebrating our 25th anniversary (June 2022).


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